S-DesignationThe grand challenges of climate change, sustainability and resilience are important and essential questions of our times. As CO2 levels in the earth’s atmosphere climb towards uncharted territory, the anticipated impacts of climate change pose a clear and present threat to all of our futures.

Today, humanity is faced with existential crises fueled by a deep disconnect of modern societies’ values from the laws of nature, which has led to a dysfunctional and destructive relationship with the natural world.

The University of Hawaiʻi offers many world-class courses focused on the core concepts and key terms of sustainability, which are taught in many different classes, across all academic disciplines and across all campuses. The “S” marker in your campus course catalog will help you to easily find these courses.

Click here to view a list of Sustainability courses offered at each campus, or look for the “S” marker in your campus course catalog.