Student Sustainability Coalition of Hawaii (SSCH)

SSCH bridges a connection between students working on or passionate about environmental sustainability on campuses across the Hawaiian islands, including the University of Hawaii system and Hawaii Pacific University, Chaminade University, Brigham Young University Hawaii.


SSCH students testified to the Board of Regents to advocate for the  BOR Sustainability Policy, passing in January 2014 with unanimous support; this policy commits to goals of “carbon neutrality, zero-waste, and local food self-sufficiency” for the University of Hawaii System.

Annual Student Sustainability Summit

As part of the Annual HI Sustainability in Higher Education Summit, SSCH hosts a Student Sustainability Summit every year.

Click here to register for the 2015 Student Sustainability Summit. Registration is capped at 60 participants this year and deadline is February 25.

Click here to get full program and information on the 2015 Student Sustainability Summit


Featured Campaign: Fossil Fuel Divestment

Students, faculty, and staff across the University of Hawaii system have joined the global movement, inspired by

This campaign calls for the UH Board of Regents to pull out the millions of dollars that UH Foundation has invested in the fossil fuel industry. Current investment in fossil fuels fails to achieve the mission of UH and contributes to climate change by supporting big emitters of greenhouse gas emissions.

Students can sign in support of divestment here. Official website is at



History & Background of SSCH:

SSCH Background & History Timeline 100914

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Our mission: The mission of the Student Sustainability Coalition of Hawaiʻi / Hui Haumāna Mālama Hawaiʻi is to cultivate a system of sustainable learning environments throughout Hawaiʻi.

Our Vision: We envision fully sustainable, green and thriving campuses for a perpetual living connection between these islands and their people.

Our Shared Values:

Passion / Koni : Members of SSCH are passionate and fueled by a shared mission to see the goals of the coalition actualized effectively, efficiently, and in a fun and engaging manner;

VoiceLeo : SSCH provides a safe space for ideas to be shared, and encourages engagement of diverse perspectives, skills and leadership abilities;

Diversity / ʻAno : SSCH recognizes the skills and talents of its members and encourages that their gifts be shared and grown through actions of leadership;

Accountability / Kuleana : Members share a sense of kuleana as environmental stewards of the islands of Hawaiʻi. SSCH members exhibit leadership and are accountable for their roles;

Place-based / Mālama ʻāina : SSCH seeks placed-based solutions and incorporates indigenous values into its work and solutions;

Cooperation / Laulima : The coalition values cohesion amongst its members, as well as the bridges built within its larger community network;

Social Justice / Kaulike The coalition incorporates social justice and equality in its definition of sustainability.

Annual Hawaii Sustainability in Higher Education Summit

Every year, this annual summit hosts a student summit to gather students passionate about sustainability from across the Hawaiian islands. Click here for updated information, and contact Doorae Shin, Student Summit Coordinator at with questions.

The 3rd Annual HI Sustainability in Higher Education Summit will take place at the University of Hawaii at Manoa from February 26 to 28, 2015. For information regarding the Annual HI Sustainability in Higher Education Summit, contact Matt Lynch, Event Coordinator for the UH System at

Over 60 students of SSCH attended the 2nd Annual Hawaiʻi Sustainability in Higher Education Summit. This exciting convergence included the student forum, where students organized around a campaign for the Student Sustainability Fund.

For more information on the Annual Hawaiʻi Sustainability in Higher Education Summit, please click here.



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