Student Sustainability Fund

The Student Sustainability Fund (SSF) will provide an outlet for campuses in Hawaiʻi to support programs, initiatives and events to foster student leadership and make the state a leader in sustainability in higher education.

This fund will facilitate a culture of sustainability in line with the Board of Regents’ recently adopted Sustainability Policy for the UH System, which cites goals of “carbon neutrality, zero waste & local food self-sufficiency.”

As an initiative lead by the the Student Sustainability Coalition of Hawaiʻi, the SSF is a proposal for student-funded and student-controlled funds on multiple campuses in the system.

To take the survey on the SSF, please click here. For UH Mānoa’s peition for the SSF, click here.
As of September 29, 2014, 93% of survey respondents are in support of the SSF, which would establish a $4 green fee at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

To answer focus group questions to guide the direction of the SSF, please click here. To submit ideas for how you could benefit from sustainability funding, fill out this form.

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