Student Sustainability Fund

The Student Sustainability Fund (SSF) will provide an outlet for campuses in Hawaiʻi to support programs, initiatives and events to foster student leadership and make the state a leader in sustainability in higher education.

This fund will facilitate a culture of sustainability in line with the Board of Regents’ recently adopted Sustainability Policy for the UH System.

As an initiative lead by the the Student Sustainability Coalition of Hawaiʻi / Hui Haumāna Mālama Hawaiʻi, the SSF is a proposal for student-funded and student-controlled funds on multiple campuses in the system.

To take the survey on the SSF, please click here.

For UH Mānoa’s peition for the SSF, click here.**UH Mānoa’s student forum on the SSF will be held on Thu, April 10 at 3:00 in George 227**

To answer focus group questions to guide the direction of the SSF, please click here.

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