UH Energy Reports & Studies

Mauō: the perpetuation of well-being


UH Mānoa Building Design & Performance Standards, released October 2016 (download here).


Annual Net Zero Energy NET ZERO REPORT.001report delivered to Hawaii State Legislature:

  • Report to 2016 Legislature download here
  • Report to 2017 Legislature download here
  • Report to 2018 Legislature download here


hawaii-energy-uh-manoa-energy-usage-review-final-jan2015This study was compiled by Hawaii Energy using publicly available energy usage data and presented  to UH Manoa OPF in 2014 (download here).




Consultants Newcombe Anderson McCormick drafted a Strategic Energy Plan in 2011 (download here).




View utility data for UH Manoa here.

2Access UH Manoa building drawings here.

Please contact the Office of Energy Management with any questions.