University of Hawaii Swap Meet
Non-Existent Item The requested item no longer exists at the Swapmeet. There are three reasons why this might be the case:
  1. The item has expired (items are only listed for 30 days)
  2. The item was deleted by its owner
  3. The request contains an invalid item identifier.
Available Items
Date PostedItemTypeQuantity
Sep 21Double Sliding Door Filing Cabinet Office Equipment1
Sep 20Assorted BindersOther15
Sep 15Xerox Fax Center Drum for 1012, F116 or F116LOffice Equipment2
Sep 15HP 940XL Cyan Ink CartridgeOffice Equipment1
Sep 14Visagraph II Recording AssessmentElectronics2
Sep 13Sony BETACAM SP tape deckElectronics1
Sep 13DVD cases & CD Jewels casesComputer Equipment80 DVD, 40 CD Jewel cases
Sep 7Dell Monitor 17inComputer Equipment7
Sep 6hp 920 ink cartridgeOffice Equipment1
Sep 6hp 920xl ink cartridgeComputer Equipment2
Sep 6hp 920 ink cartridge combo packComputer Equipment3
Aug 31hydraulic power supplyOtherone

Wanted Items
Date PostedItemTypeQuantity
Sep 21IBM Wheelwriter 3500 typewriter dust coverOther
Sep 21IBM Wheelwriter 3500 printwheelOther
Sep 21File Folder LabelsOther
Sep 18Stirred ultrafiltration cellOther1
Sep 16computer keyboardComputer Equipment1
Sep 7blank CD/DVDComputer Equipmentany
Sep 7colored paper (letter size)Otherany

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