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Available Items
Date PostedItemTypeQuantity
Feb 25dividersOther2
Feb 25Metal shelfOther1
Feb 23Optiquest 1769DC monitorComputer Equipment1
Feb 23Dell monitorComputer Equipment1
Feb 23Dell Desktop ComputerComputer Equipment1
Feb 23A small wooden table/metal legs Furniture1
Feb 19Small Panasonic TVElectronics1
Feb 19Canon Photura Film CameraOther1
Feb 19Lithium chlorideSurplus Chemicals~300g
Feb 18Box of books (mostly about writing)Other39
Feb 18Used manilla file foldersOther100
Feb 18Computer desk (4x3)Furniture1
Feb 18Used green hanging file foldersOther40
Feb 12Paraffin oilSurplus Chemicals400 ml
Feb 12Dimethyl formamideSurplus Chemicals946 ml
Feb 12DimethylsulfoxideSurplus Chemicals946 ml
Feb 12CarbontetrachlorideSurplus Chemicals1 liter
Feb 12Ethylene DichlorideOther1,400 ml
Feb 12N-N-DimethylacetamideOther100 g
Feb 12Folin & CIOclateu's Phenol ReagentSurplus Chemicals1 liter
Feb 12CyclohexamineSurplus Chemicals1 Kg
Feb 12PhenolSurplus Chemicals5.0 liters
Feb 12Filter paper, Whatman #1Other50
Feb 12Jars, palstic with caps, 500-mlOtherseveral bags of 6
Feb 12Petri dishes, 100x15-mm, with grid marksOther350
Feb 12Snap cap vials, plastic, 15 dramsOther>500
Feb 12Pipettes, 1-ml, 5-ml, 10-mlOtherseveral packages
Feb 5DimethylsulfoxideSurplus Chemicals946 ml
Feb 5Zinc sulfateSurplus Chemicals15 kg
Feb 5Pyrocatechol violetSurplus Chemicals15 g
Feb 5PhenanthrolineSurplus Chemicals15 g
Feb 5Potassium sulfateSurplus Chemicals 12 kg
Feb 5Potassium phosphateSurplus Chemicals41 kg
Feb 5Potassium hydroxideSurplus Chemicals17,5 kg
Feb 5Phosphoric acidSurplus Chemicals1 gallon
Feb 5Manganese chloridSurplus Chemicals1.5 kg
Feb 5Magnesium sulfateSurplus Chemicals6.5 kg
Feb 5Magnesium chlorideSurplus Chemicals1.5 kg
Feb 5Lactice acidSurplus Chemicals200 liters
Feb 5Hydroxyamine hydrochlorideSurplus Chemicals300 g
Feb 5Hexamethylene tetramineSurplus Chemicals1 kg
Feb 5GlycerineSurplus Chemicals32 liters
Feb 5Copper sulfateSurplus Chemicals10 kg
Feb 5Calcium nitrateSurplus Chemicals12.0 kg
Feb 5Calcium chlorideSurplus Chemicals2.0 kg
Feb 5Ascorbic acidSurplus Chemicals1.8 kg
Feb 5Antimony potassium tarttrateSurplus Chemicals1.0 kg
Feb 5Ammonium hydroxideSurplus Chemicals2.5 kg
Feb 5Ammonium nitrateSurplus Chemicals2.5 kg
Feb 5Acid fuchsinSurplus Chemicals150 g
Feb 4Toners cartridges/Main Charge Grid/Fuser RollOtherSee description

Wanted Items
Date PostedItemTypeQuantity
Feb 121 Sofa and 1 Coffee TableFurniture1/1
Feb 11HP Laserjet Cartridge 42A for 4250nComputer EquipmentAny amount

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