University of Hawaii Swap Meet
Non-Existent Item
The item CD Labels is no longer available. The listing has expired. Items are listed for only 30 days.

Available Items
Date PostedItemTypeImageQuantity
Apr 65x Black Metal Filing TraysOffice EquipmentYes5
Apr 4Black Plastic Stackable Filing TraysOtherYes23
Apr 3Quantum SDLT 600 Tape DriveOther1
Apr 3DELL PowerVault 124TOther1
Apr 3DELL ML6000 Tape DriveOther1
Apr 35 stackable desk traysOffice EquipmentYes5
Apr 310 stackable desk traysOffice EquipmentYes10
Apr 36 drawer organizerOffice EquipmentYes1
Apr 32x Dell 19”-20” LCD Displays Computer Equipment2
Mar 22Pyrex bottle with caps, Erlenmeyer flasksOtherseveral
Mar 21Flying Junior 14' SailboatsOther12
Mar 21Sodium NitroprussideSurplus ChemicalsYes5 Bottles
Mar 19Screened cages for insect rearingOther3
Mar 19UV Stratalinker 1800Other2
Mar 18Sterile plastic syringe barrels (no needles)Other100

Wanted Items
Date PostedItemTypeImageQuantity
Apr 10Folding chairsFurnitureAny
Apr 4Paper CutterOther1
Apr 1Apple Computers - iMac and MacBookComputer EquipmentAny Amount
Apr 1Microsoft Computers – Desktop and LaptopComputer EquipmentAny Amount

Free equipment from outside companies for non-profits
Hawaiian Hope

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