University of Hawaii Swap Meet
Non-Existent Item
The item Membrane Filters is no longer available. The item was listed by mistake.

Available Items
Date PostedItemTypeImageQuantity
Nov 28HP #70 plotter inksOther1+
Nov 26Desk with drawersFurnitureYes1
Nov 26DeskFurnitureYes1
Nov 25Neuroscience textbookOtherOne
Nov 16Scanning Electron Microscope and EDXA systemOther1
Nov 14Clasp Manila EnvelopesOffice Equipment2 Boxes
Nov 14Legal Size File FoldersOffice Equipment5 boxes
Nov 13Nesting chairs w/cushion seatFurniture2
Nov 3Metal cabinetFurniture1
Nov 3Metal filing cabinetsFurniture8
Nov 3Metal book shelvesFurniture6
Nov 2Oxford File Guides, letter size, A-ZOther2 boxes
Nov 1Plastic File BinOffice EquipmentYes3
Nov 1Vertical Plastic Paper Sorter Office EquipmentYes3
Nov 1Plastic Paper Sorter Office EquipmentYes9
Nov 1Metal Lay Flat OrganizerOffice EquipmentYes3
Nov 14 Drawer Metal Filing Cabinet FurnitureYes2
Oct 31Assorted Printer Cartridges (HP/ Brother)Other3 Types

Wanted Items
Date PostedItemTypeImageQuantity
Nov 22HP printer ink cartridge 80XOffice Equipment
Nov 17Apple ComputersComputer Equipmentany amount

Free equipment from outside companies for non-profits
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