University of Hawaii Swap Meet
Non-Existent Item
The item upholstered task chair is no longer available. The listing has expired. Items are listed for only 30 days.

Available Items
Date PostedItemTypeImageQuantity
Jul 11L-Shaped DeskFurnitureYes1
Jul 10Powered Hydraulic Paper CutterOther1
Jul 9Gel electrophoresis boxes - largeOther2
Jul 9Dell PowerEdge T105 Computer Equipment2
Jul 8Oldish computers, desktop circa 2012Computer Equipment3
Jul 3Audio/Video Recording Control StationElectronicsYes1
Jul 2HP 20" MonitorComputer Equipment1
Jul 2E gel system componentsOther1 set
Jul 1IBM Wheelwriter 1500 TypewriterOffice EquipmentYes1
Jul 1Dell Optiplex 790 DesktopComputer EquipmentYes1
Jul 1Dell Latitude E6330 LaptopComputer EquipmentYes1
Jul 1Dell Latitude E6320 LaptopComputer EquipmentYes1
Jul 1Dell Precision M2400 LaptopComputer EquipmentYes1
Jun 27Super CatOtherYes1
Jun 27Schiek belt MOtherYes1
Jun 27Schiek Belt XLOtherYes3
Jun 27Schiek Belt XSOtherYes3
Jun 27Rouge dip beltOtherYes1
Jun 27Schiek belt OtherYes2
Jun 27White foam rollerOtherYes15
Jun 27Star Trac bike (No Screen)OtherYes8
Jun 27Power Plate Pro5 (Green WRC logo)OtherYes5
Jun 27Power Plate Pro5 with pulleysOtherYes1
Jun 27Power plate Pro5OtherYes3
Jun 27The Gun by shootaway machine (poor condition)OtherYes1
Jun 27Star Trac bikes w/ screen (poor condition)OtherYes5
Jun 27Box Master OtherYes3
Jun 27Star Trac cross trainer elliptical OtherYes4
Jun 27True Fitness elliptical Other5
Jun 262 drawer file cabinetOtherYes1
Jun 26Large conference tableFurnitureYes1
Jun 196 shelf metal bookshelfOffice EquipmentYes1
Jun 19Typewriter Lift Off TapeOther5
Jun 19Correctable Typewriter RibbonOther12 boxes
Jun 19NEC 8023A Printer Ribbon Other6 boxes
Jun 19Blank cassette tapesOther16
Jun 19Calculator RollsOther11

Wanted Items
Date PostedItemTypeImageQuantity
Jul 1HDMI to HDMI CablesComputer Equipmentany amount
Jul 1Apple Computers - iMac and MacBookComputer Equipmentany amount
Jul 1Microsoft Computers – Desktop and LaptopComputer Equipmentany amount
Jun 255.25" floppy drive or PC with 5.25 fdComputer Equipment1
Jun 24Metal BookshelvesFurniture

Free equipment from outside companies for non-profits
Hawaiian Hope

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