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Providing feedback using Gradebook

Aside from presenting grades, the Gradebook tool has the ability to store and calculate them. The tool also has features that can can help manage grades. Although gradebook items can be added to it, Gradebook can pull and display grades from other tools, like the testing tools, Assignments, and the discussion boards.

Below are links to tutorials that can help guide you with perfroming certain functions using the Gradebook tool.

*Note: The Gradebook tool is not a default tool and will need to be added to your course. To find out how to add tools in Laulima, click here.

How to create a gradebook entry
A gradebook entry can be created into which grades can be manually entered. Grades from certain tools can also be linked to that entry.

How to link grades from other tools such as Assignments and Tasks, Tests & Surveys
Some tools can automatically create a gradebook entry then send grades to it as they become available.

How to assign different weights to grades?
Grades can be assigned to categories and designated different weights if certain activities or tests are worth more than others.

How to send final grades to Banner?
The Gradebook tool is capable of uploading final course grades to Banner, the student information system.



More Info :

download PDF manual on Student Management tools (includes Gradebook and Post’em as well as Site Stats)