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Getting Started with Laulima

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Using an online course learning system (CLS) is not just for Web courses. If you teach a traditional face-to-face course, you can use the tools available in a CLS as an online enhancement. Conducting basic tasks online can make accessing information and resources more convenient for students, and can simplify management of a course. For example, you can use the tools in a CLS to make the syllabus available, distribute handouts, refer students to resources on the Web, or make an announcement online.

The University’s course learning system, Laulima, offers tools that can facilitate classroom activities in the online environment. Although these tools can be used to deliver an entire course online, a traditional face-to-face course can be augmented with just one or a few of them. With Laulima, you can perform the basic functions of delivering a course:

Distribute materials
Collect work
Test students
Provide feedback

To help get you started with using Laulima, click on the links above or to the left to learn how to perform these basic functions.

If you need guidance with preparing materials for online delivery, this page can show you how: Prepare Materials