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Laulima Faculty Manuals

This section includes longer form reference materials on Laulima and its tools.

> Laulima Basic Overview
Contents: Requesting a Course, My Workspace, Basic Course Overview, including Working with Resources Folder, Adding a Syllabus, using Tests & Quizzes, Chat, Schedule, Messages and Modules

> InfoBits: Quick laulima overview
Contents: a small document with four approaches to get you started

> InfoBits: Laulima for collaboration
Contents: a small document that covers collaboration for project groups and courses

> Laulima Resources Tool
Contents: Using and Managing the Resources tool. Using WebDAV to upload/download multiple files.

> Laulima Modules Tool
Contents: Creating Modules Content, Adding a Module and Content Sections

> Updated Laulima Lessons Tool Overview
Contents: Introduction, Adding and rearranging content

> Laulima Discussion Tools
Contents: About discussions and how to use Discussions and Private Messages and Forums

> Drop Box and Assignments Tool
Contents: How to set up the Drop Box and Adding the Assignments Tool

> Laulima Student Management Tools
Contents: Adding the Gradebook and Working with the Post ’Em Tool

> Tests & Quizzes
Contents: Using Laulima’s Tests & Quizzes tool

> Importing Test Questions from Word
Contents: Importing test questions by copying and pasting from Word into Tests & Quizzes then importing them to the Tasks, Tests and Surveys tool

> Tasks, Tests & Surveys (now known as Assignments, Tests and Surveys)
Contents: Creating pools, tests and managing student submissions

> QuickStart Guide: Tests & Quizzes
The basics to get you familiar with the Tests & Quizzes tool.

> QuickStart Guide: Tasks, Tests and Surveys (now known as Assignments, Tests and Surveys)
The basics to get you familiar with theTasks, Tests and Surveys tool.

> StudyMate
Contents: Using the StudyMate program to create interactive games using similar questions or the same questions used in your exams.

> Converting Course Content
Contents: Converting your materials for class into a web ready version, includes how to create PDF files, creating a podcast using Audacity, screen capture with Jing and narrated Powerpoints with Office 2010.

> Laulima Tips and Tricks
Advanced Laulima functions. Some tips and tricks to help spice up your Laulima site.

> Laulima Wrapping up the Semester and Preparing for the Next
Contents: Checking your final grades and uploading them to MyUH (Banner) via the Gradebook tool. Importing your course content into the next semester’s site.