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Extending the time limit for certain students in Tests & Quizzes

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Unlike the Tasks, Tests and Surveys tool, the Tests & Quizzes tool does not have a function to change test settings for a specific student (e.g. enabling a student more time to take a test). To facilitate this in Tests & Quizzes, you would need to release the same (but separate) test for the specific student with the different test settings and restrict access to it so the other students do not take this particular test. This tutorial illustrates the process, specifically the process of enabling a student more time to take a test.

First, create a group in the course and add the specific student to it:

Next, create the separate test for the student:

1. Click on the scroll menu for the test under the "Pending Assessments" section.

clicking pending assessments scroll menu

2. Select "Duplicate" in the scroll menu.

selecting duplicate option

3. After confirming the duplication, a copy will be created with "Copy" in its title.

pointing to test copy

4. Click on the scroll menu for the copy and select "Settings".

selecting settings option for copied test

5. Click on the "Open" link to display all the settings.

clicking open link

6. Change the title of the test to something slightly different from the original so you and the specific student can differentiate it from the original test.

edited test title

7. Under the "Assessment Released To" section, click on the "Selected Groups" option and check the box for the group that the specific student was added to.

selecting group

8. Under Timed Assessment, extend the Time Limit.

time limit scroll menu

Note: If you had linked the original test to the Gradebook tool, do NOT link the extended-time test to Gradebook. Instead, manually enter the specific student’s grade from the extended-time test into the Scores area of the original test.


9. Click on the "Save Settings and Publish" button at the bottom of the page.

clicking Save Settings and Publish button

10. Confirm the publishing settings.

settings confirmation page

You should then see the new test displayed under the Active area of the Published Assessments section.

published assessments list

11. Inform the specific student which test to take.
Only the student that was added to the group will be able to take the extended-time test. It will not be visible/accessible to the other students but the specific student will see BOTH tests listed:

Tests and Quizzes student view

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