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Adding your syllabus via linking to the Syllabus Tool

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Adding a Syllabus:
Create a Syllabus via Word, save as a web page, upload to Resources and link to the Syllabus Tool.

1. Create a syllabus web page. Using your original syllabus document file OR create your syllabus in Microsoft Word. Use the Save as Web Page feature to create your Syllabus web page(s) by going to File in the main menu of Microsoft Word, choose "Save as web page" then select to "Save").

TIP: Create a new folder on your computer desktop FIRST (on Windows right click, select NEW, then choose Folder if on a Mac go to File on on the computer desktop, then choose New Folder), during the save as web page process choose to save the web page INSIDE your new folder, this way all files produced during the Save as web page process will all go into a single location for quick uploading using WebDAV

2. If you would like, create a hidden folder to prevent students from viewing the file in Resources, but still have access to it via the Syllabus Tool (view Tutorial on Creating a Hidden Folder) - if you find no need for creating a hidden folder, proceed onto step 3

3. Create a WebDAV connection to upload the Syllabus web page to Resources (view the Tutorial for "Uploading multiple files with WebDAV")

4. Add the Syllabus tool to the course or project site by logging into Laulima (, select the appropriate course/project site title, click on the link the course menu for "Site Info"

2. Using the menu bar select the text link for "Edit Tools"

3. Scroll down and select the checkbox for Syllabus, click Continue

4. Click Finish

5. We need to locate the URL address for the uploaded Syllabus file, click on the "Resources" link in the Course Menu

6. IF you have uploaded the file to subfolders in Resources you will need to click on them to open, then click on the title of your Syllabus file

7. Copy the URL in the web address bar (for Windows right click, choose copy, if on a Mac use the mouse to highlight the URL, then click Control key + the C key to copy)

8. Using the course menu chose the link for "Syllabus"

8. Using the menu bar select the link for "Create/Edit"

8. Using the menu bar chose the link for "Redirect"

8. Paste the copied URL address into the URL text block (right click, paste or if on a Mac using Control key + V key to paste)

8. Click "Save"

8. Your Syllabus web page is now "linked" to the Syllabus Tool

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