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Laulima Faculty Tutorials

Creating groups in Laulima

Certain tools in Laulima are group-aware (capable of recognizing groups) so groups can be assigned in the settings area. With groups, access to certain aspects or areas can be restricted to group members. Some tools that are group aware:

Discussion board and mail tools
Tests & Quizzes

Before groups can be assigned in a particular tool, the groups will first need to be created. This tutorial details the process of creating groups in Laulima:

1. In the course space, go to Site Info.

clicking Site Info link

2. Click on Manage Groups.

clicking on Manage Groups link

3. Click on the Add.

clicking on Add

4. Enter a title for the group.

enetring a title into Title box

5. In the Membership area, select a student’s name.

selecting student’s name

6. Click on the "Add to group >" button to move the student into the Group Member List box.

clicking on the Add to Group button

7. Once the group has been populated, click on the "Update" button.

clicking on the Update button

8. You should now see the group in the Group LIst. To create another group, click on Add.

Groups list

Once a group has been created, the option to assign groups will be available in tools that are group-aware (e.g. Resources, Assignments, Messages, Mail Tool, discussion board tools, among others).

This is an example for the option when creating a folder in Resources:

view of folder creation with groups option in Resources



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