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Registering i>clickers using Laulima's student list

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Clickers are devices that enable students to participate in polls or quick surveys in a course. When effectively integrated into class activities, clickers can help motivate students and keep them engaged in what is happening in the course, like in a lecture or discussion. They promote interaction but can also be used as a means to gauge how well the class as a whole comprehends key concepts.

If you use i>clickers in your class, you can register your students' clickers (for the course) by uploading the Laulima class list and clicker registration information into the course's i>clicker folder. Through this method, you won't need to manually run the registration process before conducting a poll to register the students for the session or term.

The process basically involves downloading two .csv files (the Laulima class list and the clicker registration list) then placing them into the i>clicker folder for your particular course.

You'll first need to tell the students to register their clickers at the UH i>clicker Tools page at



After students have registered their clickers, download the class list and clicker registration list for your particular course

1. Go to the UH i>clicker Tools page (https://laulima.hawaii.edu/iclicker) and log in.

UH i>clicker tools login page

2. After logging in, locate your course on the list.

UH i>clicker tools list

3. Click on the "sakaigradebook.csv" button for the course to download the Laulima student list.

click sakaigradebook.csv

4. Click on the "RemoteID.csv" button for the course to download the clicker registration list.

click RemoteID.csv
(The numbers on the "reg iclicker/enr" column represents the number of people with registered clickers over the total number of people in the course.)

Note: You may want to do this one class at a time. The files are NOT titled differently for each class, so downloading files for multiple courses may result in filenames with suffixes appended to their titles (which prevents the duplication of filenames for the same type of file on your computer).
The "sakaigradebook.csv" and "RemoteID.csv" titles must remain intact for each course.

appended filenames

5. You should now have these two files on your computer.

desktop files

6. Go to your i>clicker program folder.

i>cllicker folder

7. Open the "Classes" folder.

Classes folder

8. Go to the folder for your course.
(If you don't already have a folder, you can create one by opening the i>clicker application.)

course folder

9. Place the "sakaigradebook.csv" file into the folder for your course.

sakaigradbook.csv in course folder

10. Next, place the "RemoteID.csv" file into the SessionData folder.

RemoteID.csv file in SessionData folder

You should now be able to run a poll for the course with participation information recorded for each student. This information can then be used for grading purposes (e.g. participation grade) through i>grader.

Note: You may want to download the latest "sakaigradebook.csv" and "RemoteID.csv" files for each class. The list in each is updated as students register for each course and register their clickers at the UH i>clicker Tool site.



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