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Uploading i>clicker participation data to Laulima using i>grader

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Clickers are devices that enable students to participate in polls or quick surveys in a course. When effectively incorporated, clickers can help motivate students and engage them in a lecture or discussion. They promote interaction but can also be used as a means to get feedback from the class.

If you use i>clickers and have registered the students' remotes for your course, you can use them to track attendance or participation by uploading polling information to Laulima using the "iClicker Gradebook Upload" tool. This creates an item in Laulima's Gradebook tool, indicating which students had participated in an i>clicker session. This does not track how each student responded in a poll.

The process involves two general steps of exporting the polling information from i>grader (i>clicker's associated program) then importing it into Laulima via the "iClicker Gradebook Upload" tool. ("iClicker Gradebook Upload" and Gradebook" are not part of Laulima's default set of tools. Click here for directions on adding tools.)

You will need to conduct at least one i>clicker session. After students have registered their remotes in class and have been polled, you can then upload the information to your course space. Click here for the tutorial on registering remotes using Laulima.

Before exporting polling information, these must be done before conducting a poll:

You will need to conduct at least one i>clicker session to do this.

1. When the i>clicker session(s) is completed, run i>grader.

click i>grader icon

2. Select your course and click on the "Choose" button.

clicking Open i>grader button

3. Verify that "Sakai" is specified as the output format. If Sakai is not indicated, the exported file can not be imported into Laulima. (If needed, refer to instructions on how to specify Sakai as the CMS in i>clicker.)

verifying CMS

4. Click on the Export button above the table.

click on the Export button

5. Check the box for each session that you want to export then click on "Export" button.

selecting session then clicking on the export button

6. Click OK to confirm that the file had been created.

clicking OK button

7. A file titled "uploadfile.csv" should have been created in the i>clicker folder for your course.

verifying uploadfile.csv file

8. Log into Laulima then go into your course space.

Laulima course space

9. Click on the "iClicker Gradebook Upload" link on the course menu.

clicking iClicker Gradebook Upload link

10. Browse for the "uploadfile.csv" (located in your course's i>clicker folder) then click on the "Submit" button.

browsing for uploadfile.csv

11. The file should have been uploaded. Click on the "Return to Main Page" link to reset the tool.

clicking Return to Main Page link

12. Click on the "Gradebook" link on the course menu.

clicking Gradebook link

13. You should see a gradebook item(s) with the i>clicker data. To view the scores, click on the title.

verifying new gradebook item

14. You may need to edit the item's settings to release the grade for each student to view or to include it in the final grade calculation.

gradebook item settings link


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