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Import from Site

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Importing from Site (if you prefer watch the short QuickTime video of this process *you will need to install the free QuickTime player)
Use to transfer course materials from a development or past semester course to a current semester course.

1. Log into Laulima (, select a course you wish to import the materials to.


2. Insert (via Site Info > Edit Tools) all the tools you wish to import from the original course. For instance, if you wish to import quizzes from an older site, add the "Tasks, Tests and Surveys " tool in your new site first. If you are not sure of how to enable tools in Laulima, please refer to the tutorial titled, Laulima tools & Examples of Usage at the top of the page.

For this example we will import Announcements, Discussion and Private Message, Resources, and added the Assignments, Gradebook, and Tasks, Tests and Surveys tools.


3. Click on "Site Info" from the list of links on the left of the site. Then in the menu bar, click the link "Import from Site".


4. You will then see three links to choose from. If your course is empty and you have not yet added any materials, you can select the first link, "I would like to replace my data". If you have already added some materials to your site, you can select the second link "I would like to merge my data". (Note: Some tools will only add data and will not remove what is already there even if "replace my data" is selected.)


5. Check the box next to the site (or course from a previous semester) that contains the material to import. You may choose more than one site. Then click Continue .


6. Check the box next to each tool you would like to import material from. If you are importing from more than one site, be sure to check the box next to the tool, and under the correct site from which the materials will copy from. Then click Finish.

**Note: Please be sure to click the "Finish" button one time. After clicking "Finish", you should see the page loading. Once the page finishes loading, it will return to the main "Site Info" page and the import will be complete. If you click the "Finish" button multiple times, your materials may be copied multiple times.


7. Newly imported announcements and assignments are saved as drafts. To make them viewable to users, you will have to post them. Some tools will import with their original pre-set settings, such as open and due dates. Each item will have to be set for release within the new course.

**In the Discussion and Private Messages tool, only postings that were checked "I will reuse" will be imported (otherwise just category and forum titles will be imported).


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