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Using the "Sign-up" Tool

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Sign-up Tool :
The Sign-up tool is used to help coordinate meetings between members of a site. For instance, an instructor can set up several available times for counseling or a Q&A session with students. The students could then pick one or more of the available meeting times and sign up for it. The Sign-up tool will also add the meeting to the Schedule tool (Laulima calendar) automatically if the instructor wishes to use it.

1. Add the Sign-up tool to your Laulima site. If you plan to use the Schedule tool, you can add it as well.
To see the tutorial on how to add tools in Laulima, please click here.

2. After adding the Sign-up tool to your site, click the "Sign-up" link listed in your course menu on the left.


3. To add a new meeting, click the "Add" button at the top of the Sign-up page.


4. The required information (indicated by the red asterisk) must be entered in order to create the meeting.


5. After entering the information, click the "Next" button to continue. You will then see a summary of the information you inputted. If you are satisfied with the information and options you selected, click the "Publish" button.


6. After clicking the "Publish" button your meeting will be created.


7. Click on the title of your meeting to view the details and add participants.


8. To add a participant to your meeting, click the "Add Participant" link and select a user from the drop down menu. Once you have selected the person you want to add, click the "OK" button.


9. After clicking "OK" you will see that user added as a participant in the meeting.


By default, the meeting is automatically added to the Schedule tool if you have it enabled in your class.


Participant View:

Participant View - Below is a screenshot of what the participant you signed up for the meeting will see when they go to the Sign-up tool.


Participant View - The participant can also see the details for the meeting by clicking on the title of the meeting.


Participant View - The default setting is to allow participant self sign-up six days before the meeting. Until the sign-up process is open, participants will see the message "The sign-up process has not started yet." If you want participants to begin signing up immediately, you can select the option "Start Now" on the "Sign-up begins" time. When the meeting registration opens to participants, they will be able to click the "Sign Up" button to assign themselves to a time slot.


Participant View - After clicking on the "Sign-Up" button, the participant will need to click the Finish" button.


Participant View - They will then be signed up for that meeting.


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