What's New in Laulima

Laulima will be upgraded from Sakai 2.7 to Sakai 2.9 on December 26, 2014. Laulima should be back online on Monday, December 29, 2014 at 8:00 am. This document will touch upon some of the larger changes soon to be available after the upgrade.


General Updates/Changes

  • Enhanced user navigation, including collapsible toolbars, direct access to some tools from the navigation tab area, and new icons
  • New tutorial that introduces you to basic functions; can be accessed later if dismissed
  • Built-in Help now with images and improved search function
  • “Users present” list moved to bottom-right and can be toggled open and closed
  • Calendar widget in MyWorkspace lists from which site events are listed
  • New tool: Lessons - used to assemble and structure content
  • New Tool: Sign-up - sign up for meetings, have it listed on the schedule tool
  • “Tasks, Tests and Surveys” now known as “Assignments, Tests and Surveys”
  • “Site Stats” now known as “Statistics”
  • The “Blogs” and “Blogger” tools have been replaced by “Clog
  • The “Discussion” tool has been phased out and is no longer available (note: NOT the "Discussion and Private Messages" tool)
  • Tools hidden from student view will now appear with gray italic text in the left menu list

Tool Updates


  • Instructors can now submit assignments for students (via View -> Assignment List by Student)

Assignments, Tests and Surveys (formerly known as Tasks, Tests and Surveys)

  • Ability to print out assessments with or without answers
  • Ability to Export tests to QTI files (not yet working)


  • Some language has changed in the tool; “Post New Thread” is now “Start a New Conversation” and there is a “Display Message Content”/”Display Subject Only” toggle button
  • New grading workflow
  • Ability to duplicate forum or topic
  • Option to have student post something before being able to read
  • New permissions layout


  • When using Categories/Categories & Weighting you can now:
    • Enable drop highest
    • Enable drop lowest
    • Enable keep highest
  • Added PDF export in addition to Excel and CSV export
  • Can Hide/Show columns

Site Info

  • If a site is unpublished, you can click to publish from outside Site Info (by clicking on the “Unpublished Site” badge’s “(Publish Now)” link
  • Timestamp at the bottom of participant list notes when last change was made
  • In “Page Order” you can lock a tool/page which hides tools and disables the use of them
  • You can no longer add tools in “Page Order”

Profile Tool

  • Can also access via the bust icon in the upper right as well as from My Workspace tab


  • Ability to upload .zip files and extract its contents, and also .zip Laulima folders

Tests & Quizzes

  • New user interface with tabs to switch between working (pending/core) and published assessments
  • Ability to set score for all students who have not submitted (“Apply This Score”)
  • New question type “Survey - Matrix of Choices” for implementing Likert scales; can be used in conjunction with anonymously graded assessments
  • “Numeric Response” question type now supports scientific notation and complex numbers
  • Ability to display due date on schedule when publishing assessment
  • Graders comments can now be exported as part of an assessment Excel spreadsheet export
  • Ability to print a “paper test” version from Working Copies.  

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