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Conducting classroom discussions - Using Mailtool

The Mailtool is automatically added to course spaces one week before a semester starts. It can be added sooner via Site Info > Edit Tools.

To access the Mailtool, click on its title on the course menu.

mailtool link

Select your recipients. Check the appropriate box to send a message to all those with a certain role in the course.

choose role

If you want to send a message to certain person(s) or group(s), click on the “Select…” link to display the list of recipients.

choose individuals

A message can also be sent to those who are not members of the course or workspace. Enter their email address in the box for “Other Recipient(s):”

enter other recipients

Enter a subject title, attach a file if needed, and compose the message. Because messages sent from the Mailtool are not archived, it is recommended that you send yourself a copy as a record. To do so, check the box for “Send me a copy.”

compose message

Click “Send Mail.”

click send mail

Click “OK” on the next page.

click ok