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Getting material from students - using Drop Box

The Drop Box is not part of the default set of tools. Click here for directions on adding tools.

Each student will automatically get a Drop Box folder once the tool is added. To the right of their folder are clickable popup menus that allow them to perform certain functions (eg. uploading files).
(Student view)

drop box image 1

Instructors have access to each student’s folder. Opening each folder will enable you to access and download the file(s) within it.
(Instructor view)

dropbox image 2


To upload a file or a few files to the Drop Box, you can use the "Add" popup menu in your Drop Box area, then choose "Upload Files." If you want to organize your files into subfolders, you can choose "Create Folder" first

dropbox image 3


Selecting the "Upload Files" link will bring you to the next screen where you can choose a file. Click the "Browse…" button to select your file. Note that you can only upload 60MB at a time.

dropbox image 4


A new window will open showing you the contents of your computer. Navigate to the file and select it, then click to choose the selection.

dropbox image 5


Once you have selected the file, click the "Upload Files Now" button. You can click the "Add Another File" link to go through this process of selecting another file before uploading.

dropbox image 6


After the file is uploaded you will see it listed along with the other files you have uploaded into the particular Drop Box folder.

dropbox image 7