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Lecturing/Delivering content - Uploading to Podcasts

Podcasts is not part of the default set of tools. Click here for directions on adding tools.

You’ll first need to create your podcast file, which can be an audio or video file. There are a variety of software that you can use to create it. Below are a few examples:

GarageBand (part of the iLife package on Mac OS)
iMovie (part of the iLife package on Mac OS)
Audacity (open-source; free; on Windows and Mac OS)
uLead Video Studio (Windows)
  MovieMaker (Windows)


Once the file is created, click on the Podcasts tool on the course menu.

Click the "Add" link to create add podcast.

Browse for the file and fill in the required fields. You can enter a description or use the field for instructions. Click the "Add" button when you are done.

The podcast should be posted to the tool.

Below is a student-view of the Podcasts tool with the available podcast. To view or listen to it, they simply click on the "Download" link.

Depending on the type of file that was uploaded, the file may playback within the students’ browsers if they have the proper plugin. In the example below, the Quicktime Player plugin played back the .mp3 file in the browser.


If the students prefer, they can also acquire the file using a podcatcher (like iTunes) by subscribing to the tool’s RSS feed in the course.