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Testing - using Polls

Things to note with Polls:

- Voting is anonymous.
- Though you can have numerous polls, each can only consist of one question. If you want to ask a set of related questions, it might be better to use the Tests and Quizzes tool.
- Participants may only vote once per poll.
- You can allow spoiled votes by selecting zero as the minimum number of answer options.

Polls is not part of the default set of tools. Click here for directions on adding tools.

After adding the tool, click on its link on the course menu.

To create a poll, click on the "Add" link.

Enter the question in the "Question" field. You can add any special instructions or schedule the poll’s release and closure if needed. Click "Save and add options" to input the voting choices.

Enter the first option in the text editor and click "Save and add options" to input another choice.

When you are done inputting all of the options, click "Save."

Preview and edit the poll choices and question. If all looks goods, click "Save."

The poll should now be listed on the main page.

Students will have the same view but without the "Edit" link and the removal function. To vote, students will simply click on the question and enter their selection:

To view the voting results, click on the "Results" link corresponding to the poll.

Information on the number of votes and percentages will be presented. This is also available to students.