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Testing - using Tasks, Tests and Surveys

Tasks, Tests and Surveys is not part of the default set of tools. Click here for directions on adding tools.

Laulima has two testing tools: "Tasks, Tests and Surveys" and "Tests & Quizzes." However, we generally recommend the former for its interface, flexibility, and ease of navigation over the latter. There are four general procedures to create a test using Tasks, Tests and Surveys:

1. Create a question pool
2. Create questions to populate the question pool
3. Create a test based on the question pool
4. Publish (release) the test

1. Create a question pool
Tasks, Tests and Surveys uses question pools from which tests draw their questions. Each question in a pool will have the same point value. To create a question pool, click the "Question Pools" link along the top menu.

Click the "Add Pool" link.

Enter a title for the pool and a point value (it can be 0 if you do not want to assign points) then click the "Done" button.

Immedately after creating a pool, you are automatically placed into it, ready to populate it with questions.


2. Create questions to populate the question pool
To create a question, click the "Question Pool" link then on the title of the question pool into which you want to add a question (if you are not already in the pool). Click the "Add Question" link.

Choose a question-type then click "OK."

Proceed to entering the required question information (this example shows a multiple-choice question) and click the "Done" button when you are finished. You can also click the "Add Another" button to immediately start working on another question.

After creating the question, you will see it listed in the pool. You can add another question at this point by clicking the "Add Question" link.


Alternative to creating questions within Tasks, Tests and Surveys
Depending on the number and the types of questions you have, a quicker approach to populating the pool may be to create the questions in a word processer (e.g. Word) or text editor, import them into Tests & Quizzes, then import the pool into Tasks, Tests and Surveys. Click here for a tutorial.


3. Create a test based on the question pool (link opens in new window)

4. Publish (release) the test (link opens in new window)