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Working with groups - creating groups

Before you can begin assigning access based on groups, the groups will first need to be created and populated.
*Note: If your instructional course is crosslisted, groups are already available based on the CRN.

In the site you want to set up your groups, click on the "Site Info" on the course menu then click on the"Manage Groups" link.


In the Manage Groups area, click the "Add" link at the top.


Enter a title for the group you are creating then highlight the name of the student(s) you want in the group. Use the "Add to group >" button to move the student(s) from the left-hand box to the one on the right.


Once you have all the students who are assigned to that group in the box on the right, click the "Update" button at the bottom.


Your new group should now be created.