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Provide Alternative Ways to view PDF Files
Reason: Screen readers may experience problems accessing PDF files or may not be able to at all.

Solution: You can make an HTML version, or use Adobe’s online PDF to HTML conversion tool (select the following link to access this tool: With the conversion tool, the user submits the URL of the PDF file in a form and an HTML version will be returned immediately within the browser.

Or you can obtain Adobe Acrobat which will allow you to save accessible PDF files from Microsoft Office or with a free plugin called MakeAccessible, users can make previously made PDF files accessible. This plugin can be downloaded from following link:

Video captioning applications can be found on the Internet. MAGpie is one of the better known captioning applications. You can also contact the UH Kokua office for additional information on resources for captioning and transcribing at (808) 956-7511 or visit their website using the following text link:

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