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WebCT Student FAQ's

I am trying to add a WebCT course from the Course Listings but it won't let me.
Most courses in WebCT are connected with Banner, the UH registration system. This means if you have officially registered for the course it is already inside a myWebCT Account that was created for you. To log in go to the main UH WebCT log in site at, click on the TOP link for "Log in to myWebCT", enter your UH username (all in lower case letters) and associated password (these are the ones that would be used to log into your myUH portal and mail).

If you know you have officially registered for the course, have double checked that you are indeed on the main UH log in page for WebCT (, have checked your browser and still are unable to access your course the best option would be to submit a WebCT problem report, filling in all inquires and describing any errors you may be receiving.

I get an "Access denied" when I try to log into my course, what should I do?
Access denied is usually an indicator that a student has added/dropped and added the course again. When this happens student information is retained in the course, but access is denied until the instructor alters some settings. Contact your instructor, if the instructor is unable to grant you access or is unsure how to do so submit a WebCT problem report. In the report indicate the error you are receiving, along with the title of the course you are trying to access.

When I log in I keep getting an "Access forbidden" error, what am I doing wrong?
In most cases this error is due to not having cookies enabled within your browser, thus going through the Check Browser page usually resolves the issue. Another possible cause is an Internet Explorer 6 update installed by Windows Update. Some users found that this problem could be resolved by changing an Internet Explorer setting:

1. In Internet Explorer, from the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
2. Click the Advanced tab.
3. Under Browsing, clear the checkbox for Show friendly HTTP error messages.
4. Click OK.
5. Restart the Internet Explorer browser.

If this problem persists after changing this setting and restarting your browser, it may be caused by spyware or deceptive software silently installed on your computer.

I can log into myWebCT Account but when I enter my course I only see a white/blank screen, what's wrong?
Blank pages may be the result of a virus, pop-up blockers, missing updates in Internet Explorer (IE) or yoursystem, configuration of Norton Internet Security software, a setting in the browser, etc. To help resolve this issue try the following:

I can't seem to log in, I keep getting a search page?
It could be due to hijacking/parasite software that has installed itself on your machine without you knowing. This software is often installs itself during surfing the Internet or downloading free icons, software, etc. You will need to search and uninstall any parasite type software. The following are some links to sites with solutions/descriptions to this problem, but even after going through these you may still need to uninstall and install your browser again.

Another alternative would be to use a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox.

WebCT is telling me I can't log in, I know my username is correct, what should I do?
There may be several reasons why one has difficulty with log in. WebCT is case sensitive so make sure touse all LOWERCASE letters in your UH username, your password may be a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.

Either your UH username or password may be incorrect. To confirm UH username and/or password contact Help Desk during normal working hours at 956-8883 or toll free from neighbor islands at (800)558-2669 (website: or submit a request to confirm password by selecting the following link: Check Status .

Your browser may not be configured properly for working with WebCT, check your browser settings by going through the Check Browser area.

Confirm that you are logging in at the main UH WebCT log in site at and selecting the TOP link for "Log in to myWebCT".

If you have followed all the above suggestions you are still unable to log in submit a WebCT problem report, making sure to fill in all inquires and be specific as to any errors you are receiving.

The text is too small, I can't even read my mail or WebCT information, can you help me?
Font sizes will need to be adjusted within your browser. There are 2 ways to alter font size, either adjust the default browser font size OR adjust your systems font size. The following steps are depended on browser choice and operating system:

Adjust Browser Font -
Adjusting System Font -

Netscape and Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher:
1. Go to "View"
2. Select "Text size"
3. From pull down menu select larger font size

Netscape 6.0 and higher
1. Go to "Edit"
2. Select "Preferences"
3. Click "Appearance"
4. Select "Fonts"
5. Deselect the checkbox next to "Allow document to use other fonts"

Internet Explorer
1. Go to "Tools"
2. Select "Internet Options "
3. Click "Accessibility"
4. Click to "Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages "
5. Proceed with the following steps for Changing System Default Font based on your operating system:

Changing System Default Font Based on Operating System (use if adjusting system font only)


1. Right-click the desktop and select "Properties"
2. In "Display Properties" window, click the "Settings" tab
3. Click "Advanced"
4. On the "General" tab, select "Normal size (96dpi)" Or "Large Size (120dpi)"
5. Click "OK"

Windows 2000

1. Right-click the desktop and select "Properties"
2. In "Display Properties" window, click the "Settings" tab
3. Click "Advanced"
4. On the "General" tab, select "Small Fonts" Or "Large Fonts"
5. Click "OK"

Windows NT

1. Right-click the desktop and select "Properties"
2. Click the "Settings" tab
4. In the "Font Size" window select "Small Fonts" Or "Large Fonts"
5. Click "OK"

Windows 98

1. Right-click the desktop and select "Properties"
2. Click the "Settings" tab
3. Click "Advanced"
4. Select "Small Fonts" Or "Large Fonts"
5. Click "OK"

We are suppose to have a chat session, I am unable to get into chat, what's wrong?
If you are unable to open chat at all it could be due to your browsers Java settings. The best option would be to go through the Check Browser section of this site which includes information on how to properly set your browser for working with WebCT and ensure that you have enabled Java (there is also a link to download Java if needed).

Help, I can't open open certain sections OR some files OR Discussion OR Mail messages, what am I doing wrong?
It could be due to pop-up blockers on your computer. These blockers prevents the opening of external or pop up windows. Many of WebCT Tools work in pop up windows such as Mail, Discussions, Chat, even some files that are added to your course by the instructor may be set to open in an external window.

You can disable these blockers by viewing information on the following web site created by Portland Community College (the following links DO NOT open in an external window, you will need to click on your browsers "back" button in order to return to this area):

Windows operating system:
Zone Alarm/Firewalls:
Additional things to look for:

I can't download attachments, what do I do?
The inability to download an attachment may be due to several things. Make sure to properly download the attachment by selecting the radio button next to the attached file name, click the button for "Download" and select to "Save" or "Save to disk" NOT "Open". In many cases the browser may not know how to "Open" the attached file, so it is always best to download it to your local computer first, then open with the appropriate application.

Another possibility could be that the security is set too high on your computer. Most Internet security programs allow this setting to be altered, look at the help section for your security application. You can also go through the Check Browser section to verify that your browsers security options are set properly.

I can't view any of my scores, even though the teacher said they are all available, what can I do?
Course scores are viewable by selecting the tool for "My Grades", although your instructor may have called it something different. Sometimes the instructor needs to confirm that the "My Grades" tool was added to the course and that all score columns are released for viewing to students.

The best option would be to contact your instructor and if he/she has any questions or is unsure of how to add the tool and release columns they can contact us by submitting a WebCT problem report.

I need to send my homework assignment as an attachment in WebCT mail to my instructor how do I do that?
The following process for attaching a file will also work for composing a message in Discussions. Enter the mail tool, click on "Compose Mail message", under the main message box click the "browse" button, locate your file, click once to select, click "Open" and click "Attach file", then send.

NOTE: when sending attachments it is important to make sure the extension name is listed. You can check for this after attaching the file in the message. Extension names are as follows: .doc (for document files), .xls (for Excel files), .ppt (for powerpoint files).

Can I forward my WebCT mail to my yahoo or hotmail account?
If the instructor has allowed this feature you can forward mail to external accounts such as yahoo, hotmail and To forward enter mail, click on the button for "Message Settings", enter your email address in the "Forward my mail to" textblock.

NOTE: you cannot reply to a forwarded mail, log back into the course and access WebCT mail to reply.

When I try to view a narrated presentation I only see a white box, I don't hear any sound?
There are a variety of reasons for this issue, the most likely one is you may not have Java installed or you need an updated version. You should go to the site download and install Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE). You can also try the following direct link for JRE (once at the site review & accept the license agreement, then select the appropriate download link based on your operating system): JRE Plugin

Another reason may be you have Java, but it is not enabled on your computer. To do so, in your browser (Internet Explorer), select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced Tab, scroll down to the setting for Microsoft VM and make sure "JIT compiler for virtual machine" is enabled. IF you have Sun version of Java then find the Java (Sun) entry and check the "Use Java 2v(version number) for <applet>" checkbox, then restart your browser.

Another reason may be that you have BOTH Microsoft and Sun java versions installed and enabled on your computer which is causing a conflict. To solve this issue, follow the steps above for accessing the Java section and make sure that either ONLY Sun java OR Microsoft VM is enabled.

One other reason may be your browser's cache needs to be cleared:

Firefox: go to Tools > "Clear Private Data", select "Cache" and click "Clear PRivate Data Now"

Netscape: go to Edit > Preferences > Cache, click on "Clear Memory Cache" AND "Clear Disk Cache"

Internet Explorer: go to View or Tools > Internet Options > General Tab > select click on "Delete Files"