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I have to introduce myself in the Homepage area, how do I do this? (either scroll down through page or select from one of the following quick links)
About Student Homepages
Accessing Homepages
Adding a Banner
Entering Text
Adding a Text Link


> I am registered for a WebCT course, how do I log in?
> I have to email my instructor, how do I use Mail?
> My instructor is asking us to use Discussions, how do I do that?
> How do I add an attachment to Mail or Discussions?

> My instructor said we can forward WebCT mail to our hotmail/yahoo, etc., account, how do I do this?
> We have to do a class chat, how do I do that?
> How do I submit my homework using the Drop box or Assignments?
> How do I add a PowerPoint presentation to the Student Presentation area?

> I have to introduce myself in the Homepage area, how can I do this?
> I am doing my first quiz in WebCT, what should I know?
> Saving a PowerPoint presentation as a web page (for Windows)
> Saving a PowerPoint presentation as a web page (for Macintosh)

> How do I fill out a WebCT Problem Report so I can get some help?
> Is it a good idea to have more than I browser to use with WebCT? If so, how can I download more?

About Student Homepages:
Many faculty will use the Student Homepage tool as an introductory activity. These activities usually deals with introducing yourself in some determined way to your peers. The Homepage tool allows students a small space in the course to create a 'mini' web page.

Accessing Student Homepages:
Log into your WebCT course and go to the Student Homepage area (Faculty determine where they place this tool, there is no set area, but typically they will put it within "Study Tools" as the following image shows)

Click on "Student Homepages" to enter.

To enter into your homepage space click directly on your name.

Adding a Banner Image:
To add a banner, click on the button for "Modify/Add banner image".

There are two options, one is uploading a file (this could be a digital image of yourself - just select to "Upload a file" and browse for your saved image file) and the other is creating a text based banner. In this case we are using text, click and type something (example: Welcome to my Homepage), then click "Continue" when done.

Adding Text :
To enter information on your homepage, click "Edit/Add upper texblock".

Click in the "Edit textblock" area and type OR for snazzier text click on the "HTML editor" button.

For snazzier messages you can use the HTML editor, by clicking the HTML editor button under the message box - wait for it to load (if you are Macintosh user you MUST click on the floppy disk icon in the upper left corner of the editor in order to save work). Click "Update" when done.

Adding a Text Link:
To add a link to an outside web page or web site, click on the "Add link" button.

Add a "Title" for the link (this is what your peers will click on), then enter the URL or web address of the web site. Click "Add" when done.

To add additional text in the lower portion of the Homepage area, click on "Edit/Add lower textblock" button. Click and enter text as you did for the Upper Textblock, click "Add" when done.

Note: lower textblocks can only be added if you have initially added an uppertext block.

You now have a completed web page.

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