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I am registered for a WebCT course, how do I log in? (either scroll down through page or select from one of the following quick links)
About Being Registered
Logging into your myWebCT Account


> I am registered for a WebCT course, how do I log in?
> I have to email my instructor, how do I use Mail?
> My instructor is asking us to use Discussions, how do I do that?
> How do I add an attachment to Mail or Discussions?

> My instructor said we can forward WebCT mail to our hotmail/yahoo, etc., account, how do I do this?
> We have to do a class chat, how do I do that?
> How do I submit my homework using the Drop box or Assignments?
> How do I add a PowerPoint presentation to the Student Presentation area?

> I have to introduce myself in the Homepage area, how can I do this?
> I am doing my first quiz in WebCT, what should I know?
> Saving a PowerPoint presentation as a web page (for Windows)
> Saving a PowerPoint presentation as a web page (for Macintosh)

> How do I fill out a WebCT Problem Report so I can get some help?
> Is it a good idea to have more than I browser to use with WebCT? If so, how can I download more?

About being Registered:
If you have officially registered for a UH course and the instructor has a WebCT component created for it (not all instructors do), the course will already be available inside your myWebCT. This account is a password protected folder containing all your WebCT connected courses.

Note: if you have added/dropped and added a course that does have a WebCT component, you may need to submit a WebCT Problem Report requesting to have the course added again to your myWebCT Account.

Logging into your myWebCT Account:
To log into your account go directly to the main UH WebCT log in site at: “”, click on the link for "Log in to myWebCT" and enter your UH username and associated password.

NOTE: if you are unsure of your password please submit the following confirmation form: Check Status of UH Username

Once logged into your myWebCT account, under the header for "Courses" click on a course title to enter.

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