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WebCT Student Orientation
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Managing Course Tabs (show/hide & order course sites) (scroll down through page for screen shots and step by step directions)

Laulima Based Tutorials
WebCT Based Tutorials

> Adding Guests
> Creating a HIDDEN folder (allows uploaded files to be hidden from students view within Resources)
> Uploading File(s) with WebDAV
> Adding a Syllabus
> Publishing Your Course or Project Site
> Laulima Tools & Examples of Usage
> Adding a PowerPoint Presentation
> Adding a Dummy Student
> Downloading a WebCT Quiz & Pasting into Laulima

> Editing Module Sections
> Managing Course Tabs (show/hide & order course sites)
> Import from Site
> Blogger Tool

> Adding a Syllabus
> Adding a new course section (organizer page)
> Adding a single page (single page link to .pdf, .html, .doc, etc.)
> Adding a URL (link to an outside resource site)
> Adding the Student Presentation Tool
> Adding the Assignment Tool
> Adding a TA
(teaching assistant)
> Adding a co-designer
> Adding Guest Accounts
> Adding a PowerPoint presentation (for Windows)
> Adding a PowerPoint presentation (for Macintosh)
> Adding a PowerPoint for Downloading

> Narrating PowerPoint & Processing in Impatica
> Adding a Quiz or Survey

> Importing and Uploading a Quiz via Respondus (for Windows)
> Importing and Uploading Games/Self-Test via StudyMate (for Windows)
> Importing and Uploading a Multiple Choice Quiz via MakeQuiz (for Macintosh)
> Manual Grading of a Quiz
> Assessment Strategies
> Viewing Quiz/Survey Statistics
> Adding a Score (grade) column
> Adding a Final Score (grade) column
> Downloading and Importing e-packs
> Creating and Restoring a Course Backup
> Fast Uploading of multiple Files with WebDAV
> Exporting/Importing the Student Database
> Exporting Final Grades to Banner
> Word 2000 & 2003
> Private (group) Discussions

Managing Course Tabs (show/hide & order course sites):
When any user (faculty/student/member) logs into Laulima their courses in which they are officially a part of will be displayed as tabs across the top of the screen in a blue bar. Each user can choose to hide sites (course sites from previous semesters) or reorder them (choose which sties to display in tabs).

1. To manage your course tabs log into Laulima (, from inside your "My Workspace" select the text link for "Preferences" in the Course Menu.

2. Using the menu bar select the link for "Customize Tabs"

3. The box on the left show will show sites that are NOT visible and the box on the right shows those that are

To make a site NOT visible, click on the site title in the left box and click the MIDDLE arrow button that points to the left - when you want to see the site again, do the opposite procedure

To reorder a site listed in the tab, click on the site title in the left box and click on the UP or DOWN arrow buttons on the right of the box to its desired position

Remember to "Update Preferences" button when done

4. Enter a section title and use the pull down menu for "Content Type"

5. As you can see one can choose a variety of ways to add content to the module, but choosing the option for "Compose content with editor" provides for the fastest, online editing of text (if choosing to "upload or link to a file" when adding a section, one would have to edit the original file first, then come back and choose to upload the file again to overwrite existing content - a bit time consuming)

6. Selecting the option for composing content with the editor will allow you to either create the section directly online or copy and paste from either a Word document or even a web page.

7. IF you already have content written in Word Open your Word file on your local computer, select all the text and choose to "Copy" (File, choose Select All, go to the Edit menu and choose "Copy).

8. Back in Laulima, select the icon that looks like a clip board with the word logo (W) on it.

9. Select the paste in the box (control key + v key) and click OK

10. Scroll to the bottom and click "Add"

11. To edit this file in the future, select the checkbox next to the module section you want to edit, using the menu bar click on the text link for Edit

12. You will now be able to return to the editor to add new text or edit old information, click "Save" when done

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