2nd International Conference on
Task-Based Language Teaching

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Plenary Sessions

Opening plenary

Task-based language education: From theory to practice...and back again [PowerPoint]
Kris Van den Branden

Point-counterpoint plenary: Peter Robinson and Peter Skehan

Rethinking-for-speaking and L2 task demands: The Cognition Hypothesis, task classification, and sequencing [PowerPoint]
Peter Robinson

Tradeoff and Cognition: Two hypotheses regarding attention during task-based performance [PowerPoint]
Peter Skehan

Closing plenary

Tasks, design, and the architecture of pedagogic spaces [PowerPoint]
Virginia Samuda

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Paper sessions

Learning about global issues through task-based activities [PowerPoint] [Handout]
Melvin Andrade

Towards a version of task-based approaches suitable for schooling [PowerPoint] [Handout]
David Carless

Task complexity and output complexity: An exploratory study [PowerPoint]
K. Philip Choong and Zhaohong Han

The concept of foreign language task, misconceptions and benefits in implementing task-based instruction [Paper]
Marina Cobb and Natalie Lovick

Lexical and syntactic complexity in a task-based, CMC environment [PowerPoint]
Joe Collentine and Karina Collentine

A rich linguistic meal: Task-based learning of mother tongue [PowerPoint] [Handout]
Bert deVos

Teaching task-based teaching: Appropriation through imitation [PowerPoint]
Anne Feryok

Finnish language core curricula: Collaborative R&D Project 2006 -2009 [PowerPoint]
Raili Hildén

Exploring task-based curriculum development in a hybrid web-based conversational Chinese program [PowerPoint]
Yao Hill and Stephen Tschudi

Word usage of L2 learners in performing narrative tasks: An analysis of task types and learner proficiencies [PowerPoint] [Handout]
Hung-Tzu Huang

Investigating the empirical links between learning uptake and language acquisition through task-based interaction [PowerPoint]
Wenchi Huang

A comprehensive model for speaking and oral interaction: Theoretical and practical implications for the development of task-based language assessment instruments [PowerPoint]
Kathelijne Jordens, Sara Gysen, and Nele Maddens

Needs analysis, a TBLT module, and reactions [PowerPoint]
Myong Hee Ko

TBLT and technology: An attempt to incorporate technology into a TBLT-style lesson [PowerPoint]
Momoyo Kubo Lowdermilk

An IPO task difficulty matrix for prototypical tasks for task-based assessment [PowerPoint]
Sheila Shaoqian Luo

The interaction of task condition and task complexity in the oral performance of Turkish and Moroccan learners of Dutch [PDF document]
Marije Michel, Folkert Kuiken, and Ineke Vedder

Researching the effect of pre-teaching on task performance [PowerPoint]
Theron Muller

Taking teacher education to task [PowerPoint]
Greg Ogilvie & Bill Dunn

Recasts, task complexity, and the acquisition of the past progressive [PowerPoint]
Andrea Révész

Nonnative-nonnative negotiations on targeted communicative pronunciations tasks [PowerPoint] [Handouts] [Sound Files I, II, III, IV]
Laura Sicola

TBLT for teacher development: Implementing and online course [PowerPoint]
María Elena Solares

Empowering EFL teachers to implement "expansive learning" [PowerPoint]
Hiroko Suzuki and Peter J. Collins

Choice of task topic and task motivation [PowerPoint]
John Thurman

Teacher- and learner-led discourse as tools for L2 grammatical development in task-based Spanish instruction [PowerPoint]
Paul Toth

The influence of strategic task based planning on the fluency, accuracy and complexity of speech in two L2s [PowerPoint]
Siska Van Daele, Alex Housen, and Michel Pierrard

Language testing and culture [PowerPoint] [Paper]
Bregje van Oel

TBLT in kindergarten: Finding a balance between language acquisition in a child-centred approach and language teaching in a teacher directed approach [PowerPoint]
Machteld Verhelst

Language tasks and exercises: How do teachers perceive them? [PowerPoint]
Rosely Perez Xavier

Flash presentations
The following presentations from TBLT 2007 (along with handouts) can be viewed (and heard!) at Frank Tuzi's web site (just login as a guest): http://www.ituzi.net/course/view.php?id=3

Japanese university students' attitudes toward task-based language teaching
Michael Hood, James Elwood, and Joseph Falout

Designing online reading & writing courses & tasks to maximize L2 Learning
John Paul Loucky

Task-based language teaching vocabulary acquisition
Dianne Schmitt

Blended tasks: Face2face and online task development
Frank Tuzi

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Colloquia sessions

Colloquium 1: Tasks and the Integrated Assessment of Language and Content

Ecologically valid uses for assessment at the nexus between language, content, and task
John Norris and Barry O'Sullivan [PowerPoint]

Assessing L2 writing performance: Reconsidering writing prompts as genre-based tasks
Heidi Byrnes [PowerPoint]

Colloquium 2: Enhancing Critical Language Awareness through Task-Based Teaching: Principles, Processes, and Practices

Helping learners think for themselves: A task-based approach to teaching critical writing
Maria Luz Elena N. Canilao [PowerPoint]

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Poster sessions

Extended projects in the EFL classroom [PowerPoint]
Clay Bussinger

Task-based language teaching: Challenging emphases [PDF document]
Pirjo Harjanne and Seppo Tella

MultiPod: A multi-linguistic word learning system based on iPods [PowerPoint] [Handout]
Kazunori Hasegawa, Satoko Amemiya, Keiichi Kaneko, Haruko Miyakoda, Wataru Tsukahara

Another look at convergent and divergent tasks: Evidence from synchronous computer-mediated communication [PDF document] [Handout]
Daniel Jackson

Critical task-based needs analysis for empowering adult immigrant learners [PDF document]
Yukiko Watanabe and Adam Pang

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Thematic commentaries for TBLT 2007

These short commentaries offer overviews of several of the major thematic areas represented at the TBLT 2007 conference. Written by teams of observers from the University of Hawaii, they highlight some of the key empirical and practical dimensions of current TBLT work as featured in many of the conference presentations, and they raise critical insights for shaping future work in the field. [view word file]


Teacher development and training in TBLT
Autumn Demaine, Yoko Kusumoto, Chitchon Pratontep

Task-Based assessment: Valuable insights and a promising future
Larry Davis, Yoonah Seong

Curriculum and TBLT
Nick Chudeau, Leon Potter

Attitudes and perspectives on the implementation of TBLT
Elisa Chan, Jung Min Lee, Masaki Seo, Mi Yung Park

TBLT and SLA: A deeper understanding
Dan Brown, John Davis, Jee Hyun Ma, Munehiko Miyata

Incorporating technology into TBLT
Samantha Ng, Jason Sung

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