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Here you will find important information technology alerts and late breaking news that affect computing services. Questions and comments about the topics of the articles should go to the individual authors.

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Current & Recent Outages UH - ITS News - Current & Recent Outages

(or expected resolution time)
[RESOLVED] Banner Self-Service, Forms, Reports, Discoverer, and Database server Patching May 23 05:53 PM
[RESOLVED] Laulima biannual maintenance May 23 12:00 AM
[RESOLVED] Switch ITS Website to New Design May 21 10:05 AM
[RESOLVED] Some websites not loading from UH network May 20 12:45 PM
[RESOLVED] UHM Wireless Network Maintenance May 20 07:00 AM
[RESOLVED] Problems with Google@UH login May 12 07:30 AM

Current Outages UH - ITS News - Current Outages

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Scheduled Outages UH - ITS News - Scheduled Outages

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Security Alerts UH - ITS News - Security Alerts

SummaryPosted On
Phishing Attempt: One new message from 05/23/2015
Phishing Attempt: That Failure to comply may result in the loss of your account within the next 24 hours. 05/19/2015
Phishing Attempt: Hawaii Mail Box 05/19/2015
Phishing Attempt: E-file (variation) 05/19/2015
Phishing Attempt: School Mail Box 05/18/2015
Phishing Attempt: Urgent Identity Validation 05/16/2015
Phishing Attempt: Get Your IP(identity protection) PIN 05/16/2015
Phishing Attempt: IDENTITY PROTECTION (IP-PIN) (variation) 05/16/2015
Phishing Attempt: IDENTITY PROTECTION (IP-PIN) 05/16/2015
Phishing Attempt: Your School Mail Box 05/15/2015
Phishing Attempt: Urgent Account Update 05/14/2015
Phishing Attempt: Identity Tax Acknowledgement 05/14/2015
Windows/Mac/Linux: Adobe Flash Player Security Update APSB15-09 05/13/2015
Phishing Attempt: Important! 2015 webmail upgrade to confirm email is active to avoid email deletion 05/11/2015
Phishing Attempt: You Have a New Message From 05/08/2015
Phishing Attempt:Hi 05/01/2015
Phishing Attempt: E-file 04/29/2015
Phishing Attempt: Re-Validate Your School Mail Box 04/29/2015
Phishing Attempt: Very Urgent 04/28/2015
Phishing Attempt: Record Validation 04/28/2015
Phishing Attempt: Important Mail (Tax Acknowledgement) 04/28/2015
Phishing Attempt: Dear Account Owner 04/27/2015
Phishing Attempt: Urgent Reply ! 04/23/2015
Phishing Attempt: You Have a New Message From 04/14/2015
Phishing Attempt: E-mail Spam and Fraudulent Survey 03/30/2015
Phishing Attempt: User's mailbox is full 03/16/2015
Phishing Attempt: Final Warning!!! 03/07/2015
Phishing Attempt: AOL - Violated Terms and Conditions 02/27/2015

General Notices & Announcements UH - ITS News - General Notices & Announcements

SummaryPosted On
Departmental UH Username Renewal Notices 04/02/2015
End of support for Mac OS 10.6, 10.7 12/22/2014