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SummaryStart TimeEnd Time
[RESOLVED] [RESOLVED] Various buildings on Manoa campus have no wireless connectivity. Apr 23 12:00 PM
[RESOLVED] EMERGENCY: Exchange server HT02 is offline. Restarting server. Apr 03 08:39 AM
[RESOLVED] The ITS Help Desk telephone system is experiencing problems. Mar 19 09:30 AM
[RESOLVED] The Exchange Email system is experiencing problems Mar 07 08:00 AM
[RESOLVED] Maui College Campus Website Down Feb 14 09:37 AM
[RESOLVED] Eth2 interface on MRTG server is not passing traffic after migration Feb 09 12:07 PM
[RESOLVED] Possible campus wide phone issues Feb 06 08:50 PM

Security Alerts

SummaryPosted On
Phishing Attempt: Fw: link 04/18/2014
Phishing Attempt: Important Message About Your University of Hawaii Account 04/18/2014
Phishing Attempt: 1 unread message important Document view on Google Drive! 04/18/2014
Phishing Attempt: Faculty, staff notification 04/18/2014
Phishing Attempt: Web/E-mail Account Holder, 04/16/2014
Phishing Attempt: Important Message About Your University of Hawaii Account 04/16/2014
Phishing Attempt: Google docs. 04/08/2014
Phishing Attempt: You Have One New Message from 04/04/2014
Phishing Attempt: Emergency Information 03/31/2014
Phishing Attempt: Faculty Staff notification 03/31/2014
Phishing Attempt: IT_Helpdesk ICQ 03/27/2014
Phishing Attempt: Email Verification Notice 03/27/2014
Windows: new 0-day in Microsoft Office TIFF Graphics Component (CVE-2013-3906) 11/07/2013

General Notices & Announcements

SummaryPosted On
Windows: McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 Repost with Patch 4 04/02/2014
Mac OS 10.9 advisory 10/23/2013
Windows: End of Support for Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003 07/09/2013