Uninstall Webroot's Spy Sweeper Software by November 1, 2010

SUMMARY: Uninstall Webroot's Spy Sweeper Software by November 1, 2010
POSTED ON: 08/17/2010
REPORTER: ITS Site License Administrator (sladmin)
START TIME: Aug 17 12:00 PM
END TIME: Dec 31 01:48 PM
DESCRIPTION: The UH software licenses for the Webroot Spy Sweeper will expire on November 1, 2010. You must uninstall this software from all UH computers before this date. This is no longer available from the software download site.

ITS will be terminating our contract with Webroot due to feedback from IT staff throughout the UH System. We had intended for this software to be an extra layer of security for UH-owned computers. However, over the past few years this particular product has become difficult to manage (i.e. slowing down computers, key code issues, inconsistent valid dates, etc.).

If you prefer to keep this software, you will be responsible for purchasing the license(s) directly from Webroot after UH's contract has expired. (http://www.webroot.com)

ITS is currently looking into adding the Anti-Spyware component to UH's existing McAfee VirusScan licenses, and other cleaning software such as Spybot S&D and/or MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) for UH computers.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines should have the Windows Defender within the OS, which if turned on, can also detect and remove spyware.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the ITS Site License Administrator, Sandra Matsumoto, at (808) 956-5783 or email snoda@hawaii.edu.