Avaya AURA Voicemail Issue

SUMMARY: Avaya AURA Voicemail Issue
POSTED ON: 07/26/2012
REPORTER: Ward I Takamiya (ward)
START TIME: Jul 26 09:00 AM
END TIME: Aug 03 12:04 PM
DESCRIPTION: When calling in to the Aura Voicemail system, users are getting a fast busy signal. Hawaian Telecom and Avaya engineers are checking.
We are working to restore service and will post updates as more information becomes available.
UPDATE:08/03/2012 12:04 PM: We have not experienced any issues after the software patch was installed so this ticket is being closed.
07/31/2012 08:09 AM: Avaya and Hawaiian Tel engineers have installed software on the voicemail server to resolve the issue. We will continue to monitor the system.
07/27/2012 03:25 PM: Avaya and Hawaiian Telcom engineers will continue to monitor the system over the weekend and mitigate any issues. We will meet with them on Monday morning to discuss next steps.
07/27/2012 12:41 PM: Avaya engineers installed additional equipment and applied a fix. Avaya and Hawaiian Tel engineers continue to monitor the system to identify and mitigate any additional issues.
07/26/2012 03:24 PM: After meeting with Avaya and Hawaiian Tel, it was decided that we would schedule a maintenance window for the Avaya Aura Messaging application starting from 5:00 p.m. The outage will take 8 - 12 hours to complete.
07/26/2012 01:53 PM: As of 1:30 p.m. the issue reappeared. Avaya and Hawaiian Tel are working to fix the problem. We'll be meeting with them shortly to determine next steps.
07/26/2012 11:26 AM: Service was restored around 10:40 p.m. We will continue to monitor and post any updates.