Meridian Mail Outage, UH Manoa Campus

SUMMARY: Meridian Mail Outage, UH Manoa Campus
POSTED ON: 10/17/2012
REPORTER: Ward I Takamiya (ward)
START TIME: Oct 18 03:25 PM
END TIME: Oct 19 11:43 AM
DESCRIPTION: The UHM telephone voicemail system, Meridian Mail (x65600), is currently down. Hawaiian Telcom and UH technicians are investigating the problem. Note: This does not affect the newer Avaya Aura Messaging service (the x78800 number).
UPDATE:10/20/2012 10:34 AM: Meridian mail went down again at about 11:15 on 10/19. Service was restored at about 11:43. Hawaiian Tel will schedule maintenance on Saturday to resolve the issue.
10/18/2012 10:35 AM: Ticket closed by ward

Yesterday, one failed card (of 3) was replaced. Today, a second card had to be replaced.