ITS Help Desk phones experiencing problems

SUMMARY: ITS Help Desk phones experiencing problems
POSTED ON: 12/05/2012
START TIME: Dec 05 10:45 AM
END TIME: Dec 07 08:00 AM
DESCRIPTION: The ITS Help Desk phone lines are currently experiencing some problems. The Consultants can hear callers but appear to cut in and out during conversation. The issue has been reported to the Telecom office and they are investigating.

The Help Desk Consultants are still actively responding to email requests and correspondence. We apologize for the inconvenience.
UPDATE:12/07/2012 02:16 PM: The phone issues have been resolved. As of 8:00am this morning, we have not experienced any further phone issues.
12/06/2012 08:33 AM: The Help Desk phones are continuing to experience problems this morning. We are now seeing some calls disconnect randomly. We are working with the Telecom office to get these issues resolved as soon as possible.
12/05/2012 04:49 PM: The Help Desk is still intermittently seeing this problem with callers. Possible corrective action is being looked at, but at this time the problem could persist until tomorrow morning. Again, we apologize, and thank you for your understanding.