Release of the "questions by section" modification

SUMMARY: Release of the "questions by section" modification
POSTED ON: 09/06/2013
REPORTER: Cameron K Ahana (cahana)
START TIME: Sep 12 08:00 PM
END TIME: Sep 12 09:00 PM
This release will allow surveys to be set up per section instead of by course. It will allow instructors to select different questions for different sections within one course. It also allows the department/instructors to choose to only have a survey for a specific section, not all within the course. Having surveys by section is a feature that has been requested by many users.

There are schema changes involved with this release and there also has been a redesign of the user interface for both staff and instructors.

A message will be posted on the eCafe site notifying users of the downtime and the campus coordinators will also be notified of the release.

RISK: low

NAGIOS: none