Phishing Attempt: Faculty & Staff Notification

SUMMARY: Phishing Attempt: Faculty & Staff Notification
POSTED ON: 11/06/2013
START TIME: Nov 06 11:22 AM
END TIME: Dec 07 11:22 AM
DESCRIPTION: A phishing attempt has been reported supposedly from the University of Hawaii. Please do NOT reply to the email or click on the link. Do NOT submit your personal information.

The University of Hawaii will NEVER ask for your UH username and password in an email message.

See: for reporting a new/suspicious email targeting UH usernames.

Sample message:

From: Grissett, Jocelyn R.
Sent: Wednesday, November 06, 2013 9:39 AM
To: Grissett, Jocelyn R.
Subject: Faculty & Staff Notification

Your account safety is our top priority.

Recently, we have detected some unusual activity on your account and as a result,
all email users are urged to update their email account within 24 hours of receiving this e-mail, using the update link: ITS-SUPPORT <hxxp://> to confirm that your email account is up to date with the institution requirement.
Do not ignore this message to avoid termination of your webmail account.
Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused, but your account safety and privacy is very important to us.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Yours sincerely,

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