Update UHM Wireless Login Page SSL Certificate

SUMMARY: Update UHM Wireless Login Page SSL Certificate
POSTED ON: 12/24/2013
REPORTER: Steven M Goto (sgoto)
START TIME: Jan 02 05:00 AM
END TIME: Jan 02 07:00 AM
DESCRIPTION: The current aruba-master.its.hawaii.edu Thawte SSL certificate used on the UHM Wireless login page is set to expire on 1/4/14 and will be replaced by an InCommon SSL certificate.

The InCommon certificate has been tested with IE on Win7 & Win8 and Firefox & Chrome on Win7 & MacOS and does not generate any certificate warnings or error messages. Please note that users may still get certificate warnings or error messages if they are pointing to an https page when they get redirected to the UHM wireless login page, since the aruba-master.its.hawaii.edu certificate will not match the certificate that the browser is expecting for their original https page. Users may have just accepted this certificate mismatch for the previous Thawte certificate and not seen the warning since the last certificate change, but the warning should show up again for this new InCommon certificate.

If users are concerned about this warning and do not want to allow an exception, one suggestion would be to navigate to a regular http site so the browser is not trying to compare certificates.