Windows/Mac/Linux: Adobe Flash Player Emergency Patch

SUMMARY: Windows/Mac/Linux: Adobe Flash Player Emergency Patch
POSTED ON: 02/04/2014
REPORTER: Jocelyn E Kasamoto (jocelyn)
START TIME: Feb 04 10:21 AM
END TIME: Mar 04 10:21 AM
DESCRIPTION: Adobe released an emergency patch today, Feb. 4, 2014, for a critical vulnerability that is currently actively being exploited. The patch addresses CVE-2014-0497 which could allow an attacker to take remote control of a vulnerable system. [1]

Please update your Adobe Flash Player to the recommended version as soon as possible.

The address affects all Windows, OS X and Linux. For Windows/OS X, the current version is now and for Linux Google Chrome users need to update Google Chrome to fix the included version of Flash as do users of Internet Explorer 10 and 11. [2]

Affected Software ==> Recommended Flash Player Update

Adobe Flash Player and earlier (Windows, Mac) ==> Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player and earlier (Linux) ==> Flash Player

Flash Player installed with Google Chrome will automatically be updated to the latest Google Chrome version, which will include Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Flash Player installed with Internet Explorer 10/11 will automatically be updated to the latest Internet Explorer 10/11 version, which will include Adobe Flash Player for Windows 8.0/8.1.

Which Version of Adobe Flash Player am I running?

To Install Adobe Flash Player Update (Firefox):
1. Close all applications.
2. Ensure that you are logged in with an administrator account.
3. You may need to temporarily disable your anti-virus program.
4. Open your web browser to
5. UNCHECK "Free McAfee Security Scan Plus", "Free Google Toolbar" or "Google Chrome".
6. Click "Install Now" button.
7. Save file to your hard drive. Double click on file to run it.
8. Check "I have read and agree to the terms of the Flash Player License Agreement."
9. Click Install button.
10. Follow instructions on the screen.
11. Note: set Adobe Flash Player update options to either "allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)" or "notify me to install updates". Click Next.
12. When the installation is complete, open web browser to to confirm the version of Adobe Flash Player that you are running. You may need to restart your browser.

Note: you must update Adobe Flash Player for each web browser that is installed on your system, eg Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.

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