Laulima Unavailable

SUMMARY: Laulima Unavailable
POSTED ON: 04/25/2014
REPORTER: Sheldon C Hardin (schardin)
START TIME: Apr 25 05:39 PM
END TIME: Apr 25 09:20 PM
DESCRIPTION: Laulima is currently experiencing continued technical problems. The issue was resolved earlier however it has come up again. Users have reported that the site is slow to load, or may not be reachable. The problem is being investigated and service will be restored as soon as possible.
UPDATE:04/25/2014 06:12 PM: As of 6PM services are still experiencing intermittent problems. The issues are currently being investigated.
04/25/2014 05:50 PM: @5:48PM Laulima Seems to be working as it should, will update further when the problem is known to be completely resolved.