Windows: Adobe Reader and Acrobat Security Updates APSB14-19

SUMMARY: Windows: Adobe Reader and Acrobat Security Updates APSB14-19
POSTED ON: 08/13/2014
REPORTER: Jocelyn E Kasamoto (jocelyn)
START TIME: Aug 13 03:04 PM
END TIME: Sep 12 03:04 PM
DESCRIPTION: Adobe released security updates (APSB14-19) for Adobe Reader and Acrobat XI and earlier which fixes a critical vulnerability (CVE-2014-0546) which could allow an attacker to bypass a sandbox protection on Windows. Adobe is aware of targeted, limited attacks in the wild being used against Adobe Reader users on Windows. [1]

Adobe Reader and Acrobat for Mac OS X are not affected.

Please update your Adobe Reader and Acrobat to the recommended build for your version as soon as possible.

Affected Software ==> Recommended Adobe Acrobat/Reader Update

Adobe Reader XI (11.0.07) and earlier 11.x (Windows) ==> Reader XI (11.0.08)
Adobe Reader X (10.1.10) and earlier 10.x (Windows) ==> Reader X (10.1.11)
Adobe Acrobat XI (11.0.07) and earlier 11.x (Windows) ==> Acrobat XI (11.0.08)
Adobe Acrobat X (10.1.10) and earlier 10.x (Windows) ==> Acrobat X (10.1.11)

To update your software, open Adobe Acrobat (Reader). Click Help > Check for Updates. You may need to restart your computer after the update.

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