JABSOM EHSO - eWaste Recycling Program
Created: May 13, 2010 - Revised: January 6, 2013

UH eWaste Recycling Program at JABSOM Kaka'ako

The University of Hawaii has established a long-term, free-of-charge quarterly recycling program of UH electronic waste (ewaste), compliments of APPLE. This program is designed for recycling of UH-owned ewaste equipment only, NO personal or public equipment accepted.


Any brand of device may be recycled; a link to a list if the acceptable/non-acceptable equipment is included on the Quarterly Program webpage: http://www.hawaii.edu/technology/recycle/

- In accordance with the UH Executive Policy E2.214 Security and Protection of Sensitive Information, which can be found at http://www.hawaii.edu/apis/ep/e2/e2214.pdf, ensure that any hard drives have been cleansed of all sensitive information. UH Information Technology Services (ITS) has compiled tips for Securely Deleting Electronic Information, which can be found at: http://www.hawaii.edu/askus/706. Simply deleting files isn't enough, you must overwrite the disc files.

- Before initiating any disposal effort, you must verify ownership using the UH/RCUH/State of Hawaii decal number (or serial number if no decal is found) against the departmental inventory records. If the item cannot be found on the inventory records, departments should refer to the inventory lists and FO (Keenan Lee ext. 2-1146) can assist with searching by serial number. If the item is on inventory, departments must complete an FMIS-76 Disposal Application http://www.fmo.hawaii.edu/FMIS/pdf/fmis76.pdf. The property custodian should sign on the "Signature of Property Custodian" line on Page 2 and the original form must be forwarded to the Fiscal Officer (Keenan). Departments should not dispose of the item nor remove the decal until the Disposal Application is fully approved.

- Prior to taking your ewaste to the collection site, you must contact JABSOM EHSO at jabsom-ehso@lists.hawaii.edu or at 692-1855.
  - There are designated ewaste collection pallets in the Kaka'ako main mailroom. Signs indicating collection location and a list of the acceptable items are placed at the collection site. Please place smaller items, e.g. keyboards, power adapters, mice, into a small cardboard box.
  - Do NOT leave your ewaste at the loading dock or in any areas not designated for the collection of this wste.
  - Be careful when placing the items on the pallets; avoid piling items too high and unbalanced arrangements.
  - Each department is responsible for taking their ewaste to the collection site.