Quarterly University of Hawaii eWaste Pick-Up Program at Hawaii CC

Apple has established an ongoing program with the University of Hawaii System (UHS) for free-of-charge quarterly recycling of UHS-owned electronic waste (ewaste). This program requires a process where all equipment is collected via a work order system through each campus' Facilities group of Grounds departments and stored in a secure location until pick-up. The program is ONLY for UHS ewaste, NOT for businesses, government, or general public ewaste. Equipment acceptable for the program is the same type as in previous UHS collections; any brand of device may be recycled; a link to a list of the acceptable/non-acceptable equipment is included on the Quarterly Program webpage. http://www.hawaii.edu/technology/recycle/

Hawaii CC faculty and staff can submit a work order through the Planning, Operations and Maintenance (POM) webpage to have ewaste picked up; link to the POM work order request form online at: http://www.hawaii.edu/efacilities