Frequently Asked Questions about Thai language classes at UH (F.A.Q.)

Q: Do Thai classes at UH teach conversational skills only or teach reading and writing in Thai script as well?

A: All Thai language classes at UHM, except for Thai 103 and Thai 105, are “integrated skills” classes, i.e., all skills are taught (Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing).

Starting in Fall 2016, Thai 101 (First Level Thai I) course has been replaced by a set of "new" two 2 credit courses (Thai 103 Conversational Thai I AND Thai 105 Reading and Writing Thai I) to be taken concurrently in the same semester. Thai 103 and Thai 105 are co-requisites.

**Thai 101 vs. Thai 103 & Thai 105 FAQs**

Q: Are Thai classes at UH offered during summer session?

A: Thai classes are not offered in summer at UH, since UH Thai language program is a member of the Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI) Consortium, a consortium of institutions that pool their resources to offer 8 week intensive Southeast Asian language classes in summer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For more information about summer Intensive Thai classes, visit:

Q: I am not a student at the University of Hawaii. I already have an advanced degree and am only interested in learning Thai for personal reasons. How can I enroll in Thai classes at UH?

A: Thai classes offered at UH are dual-listed with UH "Outreach" program, so that the general public (i.e. non-UH students) can enroll through the Outreach office. See their website at for registration & fee info.

Q: I had been living in Thailand for a few years so I have basic conversation ability in Thai but cannot read and write Thai. I am interested in developing my reading/writing skills. Which class should I enroll in?

A: You can take Thai 105 (Beginning Reading and Writing Thai I): Development of literacy skills in Thai for those who cannot read or write in the language. Focus on Thai script reading and writing. This 2 credit course is offerred every Fall semester.

Q: Although I live on Oahu I am unable to attend Thai courses at UH due to the fact that I am at work during the class meeting times. Do you know of available beginning Thai language course offer evening or weekends?

Department of Education's Community School for adults no longer offers Thai classes (evening classes).

Acadamia Language School, a private language school on Oahu, offers Thai classes on demand. For more information, visit the school's website at:

** Please note that the above is provided as information only. This does not imply that the Thai Language Program at UH endorse or recommend any school/classes listed above.