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We have available for you images from Thailand, organized into topics. For viewing on web pages, the images follow the following specifications:
Format: jpg, gif
Size: 160 x 120 pixels (Landscape), 120 x 160 pixels (Portrait)

All images come with the following information:
Picture ID
Description (in English and Thai)
Additional Information

Click here for information on how to get your computer to display Thai fonts.

If you need publication quality pictures (higher resolution and larger size), please contact us. We can make available the original Photo CD images.

All images are copyrighted by Thai Language Program, University of Hawaii. You need not contact us to use them, but we would appreciate credit.

There are two ways to access the archive:
1) view from directories, organized by topics
2) search (using Google search engine)

Search the archive using a searh box below:

WWW http://www.hawaii.edu/thai/picarchive/

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