Where is the restroom?
Village Chief Lee
Old Man In and Old Man Na
Beautiful Moonlight
Come A Little Closer
Out eyes meet

This site is designed for beginning readers of Thai who already know all of the Thai alphabet and writing system, and know some basic Thai.

You can practice reading from the seven songs. Each song has pop-up glossary help and an audio pronunciation guide, by word and by verse.

Each song is also accompanied by culture notes, grammar notes and an explanation. Also, you will have a chance to sing along or read along, with the accompanying sung vocals and pictures which are provided to help your understanding.

You need Thai font in order to view Thai lyrics text. Here's an instruction on how to get your computer to display Thai font.

Click to select from the following 7 songs:
1. ช้าง :: Elephant
2. สุขาอยู่หนใด :: Where is the restroom?
3. ผู้ใหญ่ลี :: Village Chief Lee
4. ตาอินกะตานา :: Old Man In and Old Man Na
5. เพลงรำวง :: Ramwong songs

5.1 งามแสงเดือน :: Beautiful Moonlight
5.2 ใกล้เข้ามาอีกนิด :: Come A Little Closer
5.3 ตามองตา :: Our eyes meet

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