About the song (ŧǧ :: Ramwong songs)

The three songs presented here are Ramwong songs. ǧ Ramwong is a popular Thai folk dance in which men and women dance in pairs in circle, hence the name ǧ Ramwong (Dance in circle, from ram = To dance (with hands), ǧ wong = circle).

Ramwong is modified from the traditional Central Thai folk dance called Ram Tone, a dance to the beat of Tone, a Thai drum. The Ramwong songs and dance patterns as known today were set during 1938-1944 as part of the promotion of Nationalism by Field Marshall Plaek Pibulsongkram, the Prime Minister then, who aimed to create the Thai National Identity. Ramwong was then promoted as the national dance. A set of Ramwong songs and dance patterns were commissioned by the government as the standard of Ramwong. There are altogether 10 so called Standard Ramwong songs and dance patterns.

Here, we present 3 commonly known Ramwong songs, namely:
1. ͧ (Our Eyes meet)
2. աԴ (Come a little closer)
3. ʧ͹ (Beautiful Moonlight)

Culture Notes

In Thai kinship terms can be used as pronouns to show the relation and familiarity the speaker has with the addressee. In poetry and lyrics about courtship and bantering among male/female, the term (older sibling) is used as a pronoun for a man (as first person pronoun, and also as a second person pronoun), and the term ͧ (younger sibling) is used as a pronoun for a woman (as first person pronoun, and also as a second person).

Other referring terms may also be used to refer to men and women to show affection, for example:
()ٻ (the handsome one) for men (Handsome)
() (the cool body) for women (since Thailand is a tropical country, cool bodies are more desirable for hugging than warm bodies, hence the term cool bodies to refer to a beloved girl.

Grammar Notes

ʹ V cant help V, cant resist V
ҡʹԹ Hes full but he cant help having a dessert.

ҧ Adj Intensifier Exclamation (normally of appreciation or surprise)
ŧҧШԧ How beautiful this song is!
Ҫҧ㨴ըԧ How kind he is!

Subj V To request (someone) to do something
Ңͪ He asked her to help him

ͧ (Our eyes meet) :: Verse by Verse Translation

ͧ µ ͧ ͧ ѹ
Our eyes meet. We gaze into each others eyes.
֡ ǫҹ
And our hearts flutter.
ѡ ѹ ѡ ŧ ѹ ŧ
Love? I dont love you. Infatuation? I am not infatuated with you.
ѹ ѧ ʹ
But I cant help bowing to you.
You are so beautiful.
͹ ͡
Just like the flower you are holding.


ͧ (Our eyes meet) :: Vocabulary

ͧ µ ͧ ͧ ѹ
ͧ (v) to look
µ (n) line of sight
(n) line
ͧ (v) to stare
֡ ǫҹ
֡ (v) to feel
ǫҹ (v) to be thrilled
(n) heart
ѡ ѹ ѡ ŧ ѹ ŧ
ŧ (v) to be infatuated with
ѹ ѧ ʹ
(v) to bow
ʹ V = cant help V

ҧ Adj = so very Adj
= §

͹ ͡
͹ (v) = to be similar to
(v) to hold


աԴ (Come a little closer) :: Verse by Verse Translation

ա Դ Դ ա ˹ Come a little closer. Come a little closer.
ä ǧ ͹
Little Heaven is in our dance circle.
ٻ ԭ
Handsome guys, they invite to have fun.
(Beautiful) girls, they invite to dance.
ͧ ¹ ҹ
You give me your sweet looks.
Come, come dance with me.


աԴ (Come a little closer) :: Vocabulary

ա Դ Դ ա ˹
(adj) to be near
Դ = Դ
ä ǧ ͹
ä = heaven
͹ = ͹
ٻ ԭ
ٻ (n) image, appearance
(adj) to be handsome
ٻ (n) handsome guy
ԭ (v) invite
(v) play , to do st. for fun
(term of address) = ladies
(lit. cool bodies)
(n) = complexion, skin
(adj)= cool
ͧ ¹ ҹ
¹ (n) eye
ҹ (adj) sweet
= shortened
= older sibling
(part.) particle ending a poetic verse


ʧ͹ (Beautiful Moonlight) :: Verse by Verse Translation

ʧ ͹ ͹ ͧ
Beautiful Moonlight visits the sky.
˹ ǧ
Beautiful ladies visit the dance circle.
ѹ ʹء
We dance for fun,
ͧ ء С
to dissipate unhappiness and sorrow.
͹ Ѥ
Lets dance for unity.


ʧ͹ (Beautiful Moonlight) :: Vocabulary

ʧ ͹ ͹ ͧ

ʧ (n) = light
͹ (n) = moon, month
͹ (v) = visit (poetic)
(n) = sky (poetic)

˹ ǧ
˹ (n) = face
ѹ ʹء
= for the purpose of
ͧ ء С
ͧ (v) to shed, to strip of (poetic)
ء (n) suffering (from pali: Dhukka)
(v) to relieve
С (n) sorrow (poetic)
͹ Ѥ
Ѥ (n) unity, harmony